Nose job results are very satisfactory. I can achieve good results through surgery or rhinoplasty, or recently injectables. However, during nose surgery, even in patients with a first satisfactory outcome, slight asymmetries, depressions, and contour irregularities may present several years after surgery. Correcting these minor problems often requires surgical revision, and the available surgical options are limited in number, expensive, time-consuming, and prone to further complications. Non-surgical rhinoplasty, injectable rhinoplasty, or injectable nose job (filler, fat, or botox) has gained popularity for primary and revision nose enhancement procedures. In selected people, injection rhinoplasty can give a ready vise result in the convenience of the office setting. The process is minimally invasive and has an excellent safety record. It has been proposed for patients. However, unlike surgical rhinoplasty, it is limited in its ability to produce a significant change in the caudal aspects of the nose.
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