hair loss treatment

At MSI, every treatment option begins with a complimentary video-microscopic hair density test and digital documentation so that results can be calculated and monitored. MSI offers physician formulated hair tonics. Hair tonics contain two drug molecules (i.e., 5% minoxidil solution and finasteride) to stop hair loss and help hair regrowth. During mesotherapy, the minoxidil, finasteride, vitamins, and trace elements are microinjected. Growth Factors for hair regrowth are added to our cocktail when mixed with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Several-time weekly application of a laser-emitting device (LED) to "stimulate" hair growth of existing miniaturized hairs is one of the new light therapies for hair loss. The most recent available treatment of both hair preservation and restoration is the newly introduced combination of mesotherapy, infrared technology, and oxygen therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and nano fat or micro fat (stem cell therapy). Penetration of PRP and nano fat or micro fat is eased with the use of microneedling, dermal roller, or the use of fractional radiofrequency. Hair restoration has become increasingly popular in recent years with both men and women. New technologies such as follicular unit extraction and grafting have made it possible for patients to get a natural-looking result with minimal downtime. In addition to hair loss treatment, a variety of conditions can be successfully treated with hair transplantation. Scarring of the scalp, facial scars due to trauma or surgery, and hair loss due to traction can be repaired with hair transplantation. Finally, hair transplantation can be successfully used to restore hair to the eyebrows; eyelashes; beard, mustache, or goatee area; and even in areas of the body, such as the pubis or chest.
Hair loss treatment is mistakenly thought to be a strictly male disease, women make up a significant percentage of American hair loss sufferers. Hair loss in women can be devastating for self-image and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, society has forced women to suffer in silence. It is considered far more acceptable for men to undergo the same hair loss process. Unfortunately, the medical community pays little attention to the issue of women's hair loss. Since hair loss doesn't appear to be life-threatening, physicians often overlook women's complaints about hair loss and essentially tell their patients that" it's no big deal" and that "you'll just have to live with it." Of course, these physicians don't realize that the psychological damage caused by hair loss and feeling unattractive can be just as devastating as any severe disease. It can take an emotional toll that directly affects physical health. The most recent available hair preservation and restoration treatment is the newly introduced combination of mesotherapy, infrared technology, and oxygen therapy only at the MSI hair care unit. A tiny amount of active ingredients of minoxidil, and finasteride together with all vitamins and trace elements are injected via computerized mesogun into the mesoderm of bald areas. It gives excellent results in both Androgenic and pseudo androgenic alopecia.
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