About Us (Moawad Skin Institute-MSI)

The first Medical Spa in Egypt; a fully integrated cosmetic center specialized in plastic & cosmetic surgery, Laser, and medical spa services. MSI is housed in luxuriously appointed facilities in the heart of Cairo designed to encompass the personnel, expertise, equipment, and products that ensure the operation of unsurpassed excellence.

MSI offers the highest quality of guardianship, the latest and most advanced treatments, and procedures, and most importantly, patient satisfaction; taking extreme measures to ensure that you, our most important means of success, feel confident in your choice, comfortable with our staff, and secure in our workforce

First Class Cosmetic Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, and Medical Spa Services

The Principles

These are the principles of MSI committed to, and which we endeavor to maintain.
Dedicated to Quality Care, meaning

Their benefit is the sole touchstone of our winner

Everyone has the right to choose

An informed knowledge and participation in choice

Competent Physicians

Confident in being treated by an expert in the area

Excellent Patient Care

A trained, caring, support staff is not a luxury, but an invaluable addition to quality care

State of the art equipment

The latest technology greatly enhances treatment

Early Implementation of Therapies/Surgery

Offering our patients with the most advanced successful therapy/ surgery and earlier than generally available.

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